Our Philosophy

We follow the principles of Pivotal Response Training. Pivotal Response Training is a research based intervention for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders that is derived from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Rather than targeting individual skills one at a time, PRT targets areas of a child’s development with a focus on motivation, social initiations, responsivity to multiple aspects of a stimuli and self-management. When these four pivotal behaviors are the focus of intervention, learning occurs in new areas that were not targeted. PRT results in broader based learning and generalization of skills.

We believe in child centered intervention, a key aspect of PRT. Learning takes place when motivation is present, so we follow the child’s lead. We engage in activities that a child enjoys. We use Natural Environment Training (NET) to capture a child’s interest and motivation and use that to teach new skills. If a child loves Legos, we use Lego play to teach. If a child loves to play outside, we use the outdoors to teach.

We believe in a team approach that is led by parents. You have the expertise with your child, we have the expertise in behavior. Each child has his or her own unique needs and learning style; all treatment is individualized and coordinated with other professionals working with your child.

We believe that parents are their child’s primary therapist! Learning opportunities occur all day, every day. We train parents in ABA, and more specifically in PRT, to enable and empower them to help their child reach their full potential.