Yes! ABA has been proven to be effective with children and adults. It can be used in a variety of situations to teach new skills and to decrease or eliminate problem behaviors. ABA is effective for individuals with and without disabilities.

This depends on the child’s needs. For children with an autism spectrum disorder research shows that 10 – 40 hours per week is necessary. Pivotal Response Training has proven to be effective with less. We also consider other therapies, such as speech/language, that the child is receiving. Consistency and follow through by the parents also counts!

Absolutely. In fact, BSI expects the parents to learn about ABA and how they can support and implement treatment strategies. This is accomplished through our parent training programs, parent coaching and participation with their child in ABA sessions. Some parents undergo additional education such as taking a Registered Behavioral Technician course which is a 40-hour course available online. We currently have two parents enrolled in college courses to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts!

Behavior does not change without consistency, so this is a significant problem. Work with your behavior analyst to determine effective strategies that you both can agree on.